Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 in India

Many speaker brands in the market claim to sell the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500. Therefore, there are a variety of options available to the customers.

But, with such a wide range of Bluetooth speakers available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best speaker for yourself. With so many different models and brands on offer, it seems like an impossible challenge.

So we have a list best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 to make the process easier!

Things you should see before Buying Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500

Sound Quality
When you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker, it’s important to make sure the sound quality is great. The speaker should provide good bass and crystal clear vocals.

A good speaker should be portable so that you can enjoy your music anywhere.

It should be easy to use, with a low learning curve compared to other products, and shouldn’t require complicated installation.

Size and Style
When it comes to choosing a Bluetooth speaker, there are a variety of sizes and styles available to consider. Make sure to choose the speaker which suits your preferences before making your purchase.

If you need speakers for your room then a small pocket-sized speaker is good, you can even take it in your car. But a heavy big Bluetooth speaker would be best for parties and all.

Battery Life
Many of the best Bluetooth speakers have batteries that last about six hours or more, which means you can take them with you just anywhere. Plus, if the battery running low, you can always recharge it using a USB cable.

Here we have chosen the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 in India for you.

boAt Stone Grenade Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Say hello to the boat stone grenade, half the size of its relative grenade.

Simply because it’s more than twice as portable and IPX 6 water resistant.

Needless to say, it’s the bomb. The grenade sinks is best with its surroundings, so don’t be afraid to take it out.

Embrace the ambition, equipped with 1.75″ full-class drivers.

You can play the Vibe your way with Bluetooth V4.2, providing the best wireless experience.

On this attractively shaped speaker set with a soft cloth, music is playing with a single click via easy-access integrated controls.

So simply tap into Nirvana, knowing that you can solve your problems with just one click.

You can mix with the beat with a blast for up to 7 hours via the 1200mAh lithium battery. Be free in the sunset of Nirvana.

Mivi Roam 2 Bluetooth 5W Portable Speaker

the build quality of the speaker is great and it is also portable so you can easily carry it anywhere around.

The Mivi Roam 2 Bluetooth speaker is the perfect companion on the go.

This is a lightweight speaker that has studio-quality sound with powerful bass.

Plus, it can be used at home or out and it lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge.

The speaker has a powerful and punchy bass that doesn’t distort the sound and you can really feel every beat produced by it.

Plus, it is waterproof, so you can take them around the pool, and sometimes you can use it in the shower also.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 for a precise, stable connection.

This speaker also has an in-built mic so you can make and make calls wirelessly on your phone.

You also get a built-in voice assistance system that lets you access your music or make phone calls with just a few words.

The Mivi Roam 2 is made from aircraft-grade aluminium, which is designed to reduce vibration and make the product durable, which makes this the best Bluetooth speaker under 1500.

The only downside I noticed is that it doesn’t have an SD card slot and the microphone is of really average quality.

But not a bad deal in this price range friend!

Zebronics ZEB-COUNTY 3W Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

This speaker is compact and fits easily in your hand. It is light in weight and also portable, so you can easily carry it on the go.

You can connect it to your speakers or wear it as a headset for hands-free communication.

It comes with an AUX cable which makes it easy to connect the speaker to any headphone jack device (i.e. iPhone, laptop, TV).

This is a highly sought-after speaker as it has accurate sound reproduction. It does not deform at high volumes and can be used outdoors.

There’s no wiring hassle to deal with, just the tool is on hand and you’re ready to go.

However, the FM feature doesn’t work well or sometimes doesn’t work at all and the volume level is set to maximum by default which drains the battery. This is the drawback of this speaker.

You can buy this speaker as low as rs 500 during the sale

Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint, Wireless Ultra Portable

Next, one that comes in the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 is the Infinity (JBL) Fuze Pint, Wireless Ultra Portable which is perfect for travel and an on-the-go speaker.

It is super lightweight, portable and compatible with your iPhone and Android devices.

The speaker also comes with a mic, so you can answer phone calls or talk directly to Siri or the Google Assistant through the speaker.

Plus, it has a deep bass that will make your music sound more powerful than ever.

Moreover, it easily fits in your pocket and is easy to carry around. It can be charged from the battery or plugged into the wall for hours of playtime.

The battery life of these speakers will last more than 5 hours, and the company recommends that you charge the speaker to 100% charge before using it.

The one downside of the speaker is that you won’t be able to adjust the volume. This means you need to be close to the speaker for a call to hear it properly. Otherwise, it works fine for music.

Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Artis BT90 is a high-quality wireless speaker with a variety of features to suit any need.

For anyone who wants to play music from their Bluetooth-enabled device, the Artis BT90 has a built-in 10-meter Bluetooth receiver.

If you need to watch videos or use Skype, the BT90 has a headphone jack and micro SD card input.

As well as playing whatever you put on the SD card, it can also play FM radio using an external antenna and has an aux input for other audio signals.

You’ll have to choose between using the speaker with an AUX cable or Bluetooth as the two can’t be used together.

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Speaker Mini is a compact speaker that can be carried anywhere.

The dimensions of the mini speaker are 86×86×45 mm and weigh only 185 grams.

Thanks to the non-slip coating on the bottom, the speaker remains stable on various surfaces.

This little speaker makes a great sound too! The powerful speaker unit delivers pure sound with a wide range and an improved subwoofer. Indoors, it creates a rich bass sound that can go to any party.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Mini Speaker has the latest and very reliable Bluetooth 5.0 which can be used at a distance of 10 meters without any problem.

In addition, it offers the ability to connect two speakers together for a great stereo experience.

It’s possible to answer calls with a single click, thanks to a built-in high-sensitivity microphone with a high signal-to-noise ratio and integrated echo cancellation technology. So you can make calls from this speaker too!

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 as per my choice is the Boat Stone Grenade 5W Bluetooth Speaker which is the best fit for your needs.

All the speakers on our list have their own unique features that make them stand out from the crowd. But it has a top reputation in the market.

Whether you need a speaker with excellent battery life, superior sound quality, or a beautiful design, this is definitely a speaker on our list that you should go for. so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick up these Bluetooth speakers today!

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